Vertical lifting platform Z200 enables immobile people to overcome height differences, both indoor and outdoor. Handling (send for and send on platform) is by means of control boards in each of the stops and on platform. Device is formed by middle landing at which wall and constructive part containing motor, brake, chains, etc. are placed. Doors/gates of departure stations, eventually of platform, are blocked by electric locks in case of platform not being in the given stop or is in motion. Platform is most often installed on external wall of the property or inside of the building into a mirror of staircase. Platform can be installed in lining shaft, shaft – jacketed can be part of the supply. Most frequent utilization of this platform is anywhere where is a need of securing safe passing of vertical barrier (alternative to skew lifting platforms) – hospitals, schools, public welfare institutions, private persons.

Propellant mechanism of vertical lifting platform Z200, supplied and delivered by us, is placed on technical wall which is lined along with the work lift length of platform + min. 1700mm over upper stop. Depth of technical wall is approx. 300 mm. Platform is anchored to the bearing wall (full bricks, concrete). Platform must be sheathed in the public buildings. This sheathing incl. door is a standard part of supply (filler of sheathed safety glass CONNEX, eventually polycarbonate lexan). In case of partial shaft bricking up (ground plan in shape “U”), it is possible to deliver face wall/portal as a part of the platform supply. These portals are supplied incl. doors.

Building readiness consists of making stable concrete foundation (foundation must be drained when outdoor). Platform position space should not be cellared, eventually this place must be suitably reinforced (according to our detailed project, which follows the alignment made by our technician). Electric connection is situated back wall of shaft namely up on high c. 1500 mm above upper stop. Concerned about cable CYKY 5 x 1,5 mm + bonding siskin-green cable 6 mm in diameter. The whole circuit is to be secured to circuit breaker 6A with characteristic C. In the place above upper stop will be of the wall for attachment platform run tail of the cable out in length 1,5m.

Above standard equipment:

Platform is possible to equip with the hinged upholstered seat for transfer people without wheelchair, with housephone, standby supply of energy in case of power failure, tone bleep, cab light, in other material version, colour shade etc.