Lifting platform SP-OMEGA allows immobile persons to overcome single, composed or spiral staircase, outdoors as well as indoors. The platform can be used for staircase of width from 850 mm, if other circumstances don’t obstruct. The machinery can be inbuilt without any construction work, or with minor lay-out if needed. Silent running, simple handling, option of more stops and individual modification of the platform equipment according to customer’s health state and construction situation belong among advantages of the platform SP-OMEGA.

The rail consists of two pipes in which the traction rope is led. Driving mechanism of the platform is built so, that the geared motor is placed at upper stop (it does not move on the platform), which allows designing of very lightweight and airy construction. It is not necessary to apply current to the platform while it is moving. The mechanism does not need any cable or bus bar. The platform occupies in parking position only min. dimensions and it can curve in small radius. Operating (fetch and posting of the platform) is by means of control panel in each stop, further on the platform and into the hands. The platform is installed on the side wall of the staircase (for single staircase) or on the wellhole (for composed staircase). On customer’s request the platform can be equipped with fully automatic folding and splaying of the floor, incursions and barriers.

The most frequent utilization of the platform is in public buildings (hospitals, schools, public welfare institutions etc.) and for private persons. The platform is noted for its low operating costs.


Characteristics of SP-OMEGA

  • can be used on staircase with width from 850 mm, if other circumstances don’t obstruct
  • pipes of the platform track can be fixed on the wall or on the posts supplied with the track
  • can be installed without any construction work
  • installation on the left or right side of the staircase
  • option of more stops
  • low service costs
  • appropriate for any kinds of residential buildings, department stores, schools, hospitals, theatres, for railway stations and other sorts of public buildings
  • can be placed indoors and outdoors