Company information


Altech company, Ltd was founded in April 1992. Since beginning, We are a Czech firm which deals with design, production and sale of compensation and rehabilitative tools for immobile persons.Due to the lack of these products in the Czech market, our company continues development and broadens its services in foreign goods import and counselling in questions of access without barriers, whereas we fully cooperate with our external colleagues including immobile citizens. Thus, the company reacts effectively to steadily increasing market requirements. Today, We offer wide range of products and We can design an optimal solution for their functional diversities according to particular wishes and priorities of each client.

Our pivotal programme is production and installation of inclined lifting platforms and vertical lifting platforms. The products are made to order according to client’s requests and needs (mobility and machinery weight, simplicity of operating, purchase and operating costs, construction work, etc.) Altech company occupies one of the first ranks in production of these tools in the Czech republic. About 80% of our production volume is designated for export, mostly to west European countries (Austria, Germany, France, etc.) and to Slovakia. The products for Slovakian market are assembled consequently and put into service by Ares company, Ltd (see contacts). With regard to long-term tradition, know-how, and mainly strong facilities, constant development is ensured and thereby our company provides maximum guarantees. First-rate manufacturing, reliability, uses value of products, and quality service is the reason why our clients are contented and come back in the future. And that is the main aim of the company.


We would like to become the most recognized European producer of platforms for disabled people.


For customers and the public

We help people to overcome barriers and enable them mobility, not only at home.

For Employees

We give our employees a meaningful and fair appreciated work which enables them to fulfil their personal desires.